Welcome to CoachWorx

An executive coaching company, CoachWorx came into being in November 2018 as a progression from my earlier executive training and coaching company Global Expats Coachworx. From being specialized in expatriate coaching, I made a conscious move to diversify my services to include all and created Coachworx.


At Coachworx, my primary vision is to facilitate individuals & organisations creating greater meaning and purpose to their lives, as well as enhancing 

deeper connections with fellow beings to cultivate 

high values, high performance, people-centered



your life, your Coach

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  • To offer quality, qualified, individualised

  • coaching consultation

  • To guarantee an open, constructive and  confidential atmosphere to create a thinking and a feeling space

  • To support building stronger group and team cultures

  • To raise awareness about coaching processes and coaching behaviours

  • Executive in-person coaching

  • Group and Team coaching

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