No goals for 2018 ? It's okay ...

But if you do, keep these tips in mind

Year after year, I have made this one goal. To eat healthy and lose ten kilos. And year after year my goals have fizzled out after the third day of January, new year XYZ. Goal setting became a little game, an inside joke with my girlfriends to be discussed over new year’s eve champagne and canapes. And later to look at memes about failed goals and laugh at them. However, if I dare being honest with myself, I did have a sense of nagging, a sense of failure and an increasing sense of letting my dreams down. Over the years, I really started to believe of not having enough self-control. And worst part was, I struggled with changing it.

New year, new me

2018 is the year where I decided not to fall into the trap of setting goals up for myself, only to see them fail. I realised if there is a pattern of behaviour that is not taking me to where I want to be, I should change it. That is simple common sense, isn’t it?

So this year I will do the following instead, whenever and wherever I can, whenever my mind, my circumstances and my heart allow me. I will honour myself physically, emotionally and psychologically. I will listen to my mind, body and heart. That means, if I am feeling exhausted, I will take my time to sit back, close my eyes and dream. That means, I will resist constant inputs from the internet, television, radio, magazines, parties, mindless shopping and all other matters that are a constant temptation. I will learn to say no to everything that I feel will not add value to me to grow as a person. I will take time for myself, listen to the stillness and the music in me. And this I will do every day. For a minimum of ten minutes, I will give my conscious the space to come up and speak to me.

Lessons learnt

While setting up this year’s resolution, this is what I learnt about goal settings and I am happy to share-

1. Importance of choosing goals that are worthwhile –

One does not get the sense of achievement from pursuing meaningless goals. Dedicate your time and energy to realise what you want to change. Then work towards it. Anything less is not purposeful.

2. Make goals achievable for you – Everyone knows if one has never been a runner before and then sets a goal to run ten kilometres every day, one might give it up within a week. Very few people, however, also realise that goals that do not stretch one slightly might also be abandoned very quickly. Own your goals by making them achievable for you and then live them. Here’s a link to goal setting apps that will facilitate in setting, achieving as well as tracking your goals

Lifewire; Best Goal Setting apps

3. Commit to your goals by making a plan –

Goals without a plan are plain wishful thinking. Refuse to confuse the two. Work for your goals by

- visualising your goals -

putting up big post-its, signs, notes, photographs, calendars everywhere. Go shopping with your goals in mind. Read articles subscribe to newsletter and videos dedicated to your goals.

- Be obsessed.prioritising them –

Commitment asks for a whole lot of inner strength. I would suggest no more than three goals to stay true to them.

- making them public –

you do not have to publish your goals on Facebook. Just reach out to someone who is willing to facilitate you on this journey.

4. Evaluating your goals –

This is the most important step for me. Evaluate your goals not in black and white terms but look out for the stars, where you shone and the grey zones, that you need to overcome in future. What you learnt in your journey of success and failure. Especially from failure. And redo them.

5. Reward yourself –

What can be better? No more words.

Last but not least –

Here’s a list of some motivational videos, books, vision boards and even a game related to goal setting. Have fun in pursuing your dreams!

TEDTalks playlist / Goals

Reading Materials about Goals

Materials to display your goals

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